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Wellness Program

The importance of Corporate Wellness

The structure of modern society integrates the work place as the center of influence for individuals and their families. BONA Industries, Inc. is convinced that fashioning a health conscience workforce will become contagious and create a health conscience society.

A Healthy Employee is a Happy Employee, or so the saying goes, but with busy schedules and rushed dead lines, keeping employees in good health is a heavy task. However, it is an undertaking that all companies should consider a priority.

The Wellness Healthy Lifestyle Lecture Series in the global scheme of things will:

  • Create more productive employees with fewer absences.
  • Create opportunities for families to participate in activities as a unit, to become healthy and active.
  • Teach children habits for a healthy lifestyle, which should continue into adulthood.

Healthy Lifestyle Lecture Series Outline

Topic Selection - This process should be done democratically. Allow each member of your staff to select 2 topics that they feel will be most beneficial to their fitness and wellness needs. A ballot will be give at the initial lecture to all you staff to select their topics.


  1. 1. How To Apply Your Business Principles To Your Fitness Life Style -Lecturer Richard Armstrong
  2. 2. Staying Motivated - How to keep your spirits up - Lecturer Eric Williams.
  3. 3. The Juggling Act - Family, Work, Workout and Meal Prep - How it can be done. - Lecturer Eric Williams.
  4. 4. Courage - How Working Out Builds it - Lecturer Eric Williams.
  5. 5. Martial Arts - Why so many professional are choosing it for fitness. - Lecturer Eric Williams.
  6. 6. Fear of Change - Lecturer Eric Williams.
  7. 7. Basic Self Defense for the Average Citizen - Lecturer Eric Williams.
  8. 8. Nutrition - Learn the Basics, apply the knowledge and good health will follow- Lecturer Tuan Tran.
  9. 9. Running Programs - To Good Health - Lecturer Mindy Kersey.
  10. 10. Why New Years Resolutions Don't Work - Lecturer Tammy Sabins.
  11. 11. Stress - How Fitness helps to reduce it - Lecturer Tammy Sabins.
  12. 12. Mind-Body Workouts - Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi - Lecturer Ky Ha
  13. 13. Stretching - The forgotten aspect of Fitness- Lecturer Shelton Jordan
  14. 14. 50 is the New 30 - Lecturer Aura Gallardo
  15. 15. Controlling Expectations in your Fitness Planning - Lecturer Tuan Tran
  16. 16. Cancer - How Working out helped me Survive It - Lecturer Aura Gallardo (Breast Cancer) , & Mike Kite (Bone Cancer).
  17. 17.The Numbers Game - An Analytical Approach to Fitness - Lecturer Richard Armstrong.
  18. 18. SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis for Your New Fitness Lifestyle- Lecturer Richard Armstrong.
  19. 19. Group Exercise for Success - Lecturer Brenda Boyd.
  20. 20. Childhood Obesity - Is it the parents' Fault? - Lecturer Rhonda Hendrix.
  21. 21. How I gained 140lbs In 2 Years The Effects Of The Weight And What I'm Doing To Get My Life Back - Lecturer - Oscar Beltran.
  22. 22. Smoking - How to Use fitness to assist in Stopping! - Lecturer Shauna Jackson.
  23. 23. Designing a Fitness Program for you and Your Family - Lecturer Tuan Tran.
  24. 24. Couple Workouts - How to encourage and Not Offend - Lecturer Mindy and Robert Kersey.
  25. 25. Chiropractic Care and Our Health- Lecturer Michael Rorick.
  26. 26. Busting Through Plateaus - In Fitness and In Life - Lecturer Tuan M. Tran.
  27. 27. Supplements an Aid to Fitness NOT an Answer - Lecturer Tuan M. Tran.
  28. 28. How many calories should I consume in a day to reach my fitness goals - Lecturer Tuan M. Tran.
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